A Week Full of Boxing | John Melo

A Week Full of Boxing | John Melo

The world of sport is slowly getting back to its old self. It was a busy week for me as I had to keep my eye on the boxing events and our dental clinic.
To summary the week, JohnrielCasimero and Mark Magsayo both get the victory. And I was overwhelmed by the support John Melo Sports, News, and Entertainment viewers gave.
As you all know, the views have been low lately, but when I uploaded the fight’s clips, the support poured down as the recent news and the breakdown.
My people and I are working hard to give you the news you love. Thank you for the continuing support, Kabayan!
It helped my recovery from the busyness in the clinic. All of the stress has been washed out and was replaced with happiness.
We will continue our hard work to satisfy your needs in entertainment, and as well I hope that you continue to support my Christmas song ‘MalapitNaAngPasko.’
From the United States to the Philippines: Stay safe, Kabayan!

We can beat COVID-19: Together

If there’s one thing I learned about the pandemic novel coronavirus or the COVID-19, that’s wrecking havoc all the over the world and victimizing everyone with little to none sign of attack, is that we can only defeat it together.

I urge everyone to stay at home as much as possible and pray that the government will make their move according to their right conscience and what’s the best for their countrymen.

For my fellow Filipinos abroad and in the Philippines, let us all stay strong, do the right thing, criticize and follow, and never lose hope.

Kabayan, I’m looking forward to hearing you all safe and sound!

Laban, Pilipinas!

Reflecting in time of crisis

If there’s one thing we can positive do aside from keeping ourselves clean during this pandemic is that we can reflect.

Reflect on ourselves, our lives, and our behavior. Sometimes when we’re too focus on something we tend to forget our way of life, our core values. So during this pandemic wherein most of us are at home, others are homeless, we reflect.

It’s also a good way to stay positive and keep our mental health in firm condition.

And since we also closed our clinic and will be closed for a while, let’s not neglect the chance to bond with our family members the most.

While doing so, I will also continue to give you the latest news on sports despite everything has been suspended.

I urge everyone to stay safe and let’s all be stronger in facing this adversary.

JMELO Sports is an online website tackling sports happening the focuses mainly on boxing and basketball.

John Melo is a US-correspondent of The Manila Standard, one of the leading newspaper in the Philippines and a patroller for radio station BomboRadyo Philippines.
He is a veteran in the field of work having years of first-hand experience of different boxing events especially mega-fights and the intensity of the NBA playoffs.

John Melo had the privileged to cover the fight of the century between Filipino boxing great Manny Pacquiao against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. He was also present in Deontay Wilder’s bouts against Luis Ortiz and Tyson Fury.
He also covered the 2019 NBA Finals and was able to visit different facilities.
Meeting different high-profile personalities in the world of sports is not new for John Melo as he also featured some of them on his YouTube Channel, John Melo Sports, News and Entertainment.

Focusing on John Melo Sports, News and Entertainment

Since we are forced to temporarily shut down our dental clinic due to the lockdown being implanted in the United States, I decided to shift my focus to my other hobby, which is the John Melo News, Sports and Entertainment.
Due to the crisis, sporting events have been cancelled, hence, I got nothing to cover but I’m dedicated to give my subscribers and viewers the information they need in the world of sports.

I’m uploading daily articles in my websites, John Melo Entertainment and John Melo Sports so you can read the newest update on your favorite boxers, players and teams.
Despite the lack of topic and exclusive interviews for my YouTube channel, I still actively uploading videos that may hook the viewers ‘attention. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you may click the link below to check it out and subscribe!

John Melo missing boxing coverage

As you all know I am fond in the sports of boxing. I like to watch the fights live and I travel a lot because of it. I love the sports as much as I love and inspired by the only eight-division world champion Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao and other Filipino boxers like NonitoDonaire Jr., John Riel Casimero and more.

But because of the suspension of sporting events I can’t watch upcoming fights. I miss the sports and I miss giving my viewers on my YouTube channel the sights before, during and after the fight.

However, I’m still uploading videos so we can still communicate and I can bring entertainment to you, Kabayan! Please support my channel because it helps me to strive further and gives me more satisfaction. So when the next time I will watch again, I will always give my best to share with you my cloud-nine experiences.
For now let us all stay safe, Kabayan!

John Melo on Overcoming the Pandemic

The temporary shutdown of our dental clinic didn’t stop me from maximizing the time I have to do valuable stuff.
These are the things I am doing to overcome the pandemic coronavirus.
Since I am stuck in the house I am giving more time to my other hobby, creating contents for sports. As you know I am an avid fan of boxing and basketball that is why I’m putting more effort on my YouTube channel and sports website.
More time with my family. Bonding is the key for a healthier relationship and recently my son Dustin Melo graduated via virtual graduation. It was a great joy for me that I treated it as an early Father’s Day gift.
Despite our absence in the clinic, I continue to work related to it. It is a great time to improve our services because I believe we must continue to strive and not be contented so that we can give the best to our patients.
You too can do meaningful things at home during this pandemic. As they say, a small progress is still a progress.
God bless you all!

Celebrating 51 years of life

The world is tough but existing in this oblate spheroid planet is a blessing.
It was a cry when I was born on this world and time flied fast I was already wandering in different places around the globe. Living and learning for 51 years is an achievement.

All the experience, the joy and even the heartaches are the things that I will forever cherished in my remaining years.
Celebrating my 51 years was fun. I was really overwhelmed when video greetings were made for me, from my good friends in different radio stations who consistently playing my hit song Malapit na ang Pasko, from my relatives in the Philippines, my family here in the United States and from my former and current staffs.

They have their different style of greetings but I like the most was my current staff parody of Malapit na ang Paso music video.
Also, I’m grateful for other achievements this year, despite getting busy from my business, my YouTube Channel grew to 25 thousand subscribers as of this writing and my song Malapit na ang Pasko reached 3.9 million views on Facebook! A bit short for 4 million but it was really an honor that many of you like the song.
Again, I want to thank everyone for the love and for the prayers!
Let us all finish this year in great note!