Heavyweight champs: UFC’s Ngannouvs. boxing’s Fury

Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou have prodded a super heavyweight battle after the UFC champion reacted to the Gypsy King’s case that he would be ‘simple work’ after he beats Anthony Joshua.

Ngannou was delegated heavyweight champion a month ago after avenging his 2018 loss to Stipe Miocic in Las Vegas, finishing a fantastic excursion from the sand mines of Cameroon to the UFC culmination.

The 34-year-old’s essential aspiration was to turn into an expert fighter. He disclosed to Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin webcast that he wants to contend in the ring and get down on the Gypsy King for cash turning confrontation.

‘I don’t want to fight Mike Tyson, but I would like to fight another heavyweight boxer such as Tyson Fury,’ Ngannou said.

‘Absolutely. I’m open to that. Remember boxing was my primary dream, and I still have the fire, the dream inside me, and I believe at some point, I’m going to take a step.’

Fury, 32, reacted to Ngannou’s remarks via Twitter, tweeting a picture of the knockout craftsman close by Tyson with the inscription: ‘

.@MikeTyson after I smash @anthonyjoshua, I’ll roast that guy also.

‘@francis_ngannou easy work.’

The UFC star reacted to Fury’s correspondence, posting a picture of the Gypsy King gravely cut during his 2019 battle with Otto Wallin, composing: ‘If this person did this to you, what do you figure I would do?’

Rage calm worries about the cut over his right eye during his resentment rematch with Deontay Wilder, sidestepping any genuine harm while walloped the Bronze Bomber to win the WBC heavyweight title.

The Wythenshawe-conceived heavyweight has concurred a two-battle arrangement to take on rival Joshua in unification. The primary session is expected to occur this mid-year as the pair intentionally out on the town and setting.

‘I’ve not spoken to [UFC president] Dana White,’ he said via talkSPORT. ‘To be honest with you, I’ve got bigger fish to fry than going in an octagon at the moment and fighting some UFC fighters for peanuts.

‘I’m fighting the biggest fights in the world. World boxing is the biggest fight.

‘When I get my boxing career finished, I’m gonna go over there and set about all those UFC fighters.’

What’s next for JerwinAncajas and Mark Magsayo?

Two Filipino boxers went victorious in their last respective fights. Mark Magsayo scored a thunderous fourth-round knockout while JerwinAncajas defended his IBF belt via a unanimous decision.

The future is bright for them, but what are the possible steps they should take to align themselves to the path of greatness?

Magsayo remains undefeated, and he displayed huge improvement compared to his last fight. Legendary coach Freddie Roach acknowledged the development of his boxer. Meanwhile, Ancajas was tested but showed great poise as a champion who stole the big names’ attention in their division.

Is Mark Magsayo prepared for a title shot?

Not presently. Yet, the beneficial thing here is that the more he sits tight for a world title shot, the more drawn out his time under Freddie Roach would be. Something else that favorsMagsayo because the featherweight division isn’t excessively stacked with incredible gifts at this moment. Gary Russell Jr. is an excellent division right now as he holds the WBC belt. Emmanuel Navarrete has the WBO tie. Leo Santa Cruz previously climbed to super featherweight, leaving Can Xu as the WBA champion.

The most straightforward course of action for Magsayo would be the IBF course as it is right now empty, and Magsayo is now positioned fifth by the association.

Which battle would you need to see for Ancajas next?

The prevalent view in boxing circles is that Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman Gonzalez will be battling each other again after their tight fight a month ago. SrisaketSorRungvisai’s timetable seems to be more open as he has battled threefold during the pandemic all event in Thailand.

In any case, I figure the best course for Ancajas will be to bind together against Kazuto Ioka of Japan, who holds the WBO variant of the 115-pound belt. The victor of this matchup versus the champ of Gonzales versus Estrada would be the greatest battle in the division’s new history.

Evander Holyfield to make official boxing comeback in June

After a long time of waiting and pursuing, Evander Holyfield finally found a match for his boxing comeback. The former undisputed cruiserweight champion will face Kevin McBride in an eight-rounder exhibition match.

Holyfield’s last fight was in 2011, and the now 58-year old will try to make his comeback after being inspired by his rival Mike Tyson who popularized the new trend in sports – comeback.

The match, however, is not what the fans wanted to see, as they and Holyfield himself were courting Tyson and his camp to agree to make their trilogy possible.

Holyfield is the only boxer who had beaten Tyson twice.

But the door is not closed for the two boxing greats as Holyfield’s first fight back could make the way to their trilogy just like Tyson faces Roy Jones Jr. first.

‘I want Holyfield and I want Lennox Lewis this year. I want both of them, I want to get them both this year. I also want to box an exhibition with Tyson Fury,” Mike Tyson said in HotBoxing Podcast.

‘If I do that – even if I can get those two guys [Lewis and Holyfield], I’ll say, ‘This is a wrap, I’m just gonna live life.’

‘And that’s just exhibitions. I’m gonna break all my professional true records with exhibitions.’

Implications of Kevin Durant’s return to the top-seeded Nets

What are the implications of the return of former MVP Kevin Durant to the hard court? The Brooklyn Nets were already so good even though Durant was side lined for 23 games due to an injury. Now that he’s back past mid-way of the season, how will it impact the Nets and the teams around the league?

It is scary. Just to think that KD, after missing a bunch of games, scored 17 points on his comeback with a perfect shooting from the field. He went right back like he never left and he helped Brooklyn to maintain the top seed in the Eastern Conference at 36-16 win-loss record, one game ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Kyrie Irving is playing superb all season long and has been the healthiest among the newest Big Three in the NBA. Meanwhile, former MVP James Harden has already found his grove and is playing like an MVP. How would you stop such fire power now that KD is also in the mix?

Oh, right. They also have the rejuvenated former All-Star Blake Griffin and veteran low-post mean machine LaMarcus Aldridge.

The Brooklyn Nets at their full power can be an indestructible squad and teams are already wary about it.

Arenas to be back in total capacity next season says NBA

Fans can finally expect to watch NBA games live inside the arenas in the 2021-2022 season.

While some fans are already allowed in some NBA arena in the ongoing season, the league is hopefulthat seats will be at total capacity available to the fans next season.

The development is mainly because of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the United States. With all US citizens eligible for vaccine come April 19, teams are looking to expand more areas for fans to watch the games by the end of the month.

Fans are itching to fill arenas once again after being forced to watch at home due to the pandemic.

It’s already more than a year since it started, and fans can no longer wait for it to end so they can enjoy watching NBA.

The fans have been and will always play a significant role in every sport. Without the fans, there will be no hype, no cheer, and no energy.

Players play to entertain the fans, and the fans give it their all to support their teams. It is a win-win situation for both sides, and it makes the NBA very successful.

Anthony Joshua’s dilemma, Deontay Wilder next fight, and Mayweather in the UFC

AJ preparing difficulty

Anthony Joshua entered his instructional course this week to start his arrangements for a blockbuster fight with Tyson Fury.

The 31-year-old will put his WBA, WBO, IBF, and IBO titles on the line in anticipation of turning into a unified heavyweight champion by winning the WBC tie-off Fury.

Notwithstanding, Joshua should change by preparing a style based on the fluctuated approaches that Fury can take into the battle.

“Tyson’s unpredictable in the ring. He does now know what he’s going to do next. Maybe he will just come out and box,” said Sugarhill Steward, Fury’s trainer.

“Who knows what the game plan will be. Everybody has to think about so many different things with Tyson. Is he going to come at you or not?

“Now you have to train two different ways; somebody coming at you and somebody boxing you.

“It starts to get a little complicated than preparing for something like that.

“You have to prepare for so many different styles with Tyson Fury that makes things a lot more complicated.

“I am eager to prepare for anybody whether it’d be Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, I’m eager to do that with anybody.”

Whyte vs. Wilder venue

Dillian Whyte has offered to travel to Deontay Wilder’s hometown of Alabama if that is what it takes to fight the former WBC champion.

“I think the public demand for the Wilder fight is already there, to be honest,” Whyte said. “There’s a lot of demand for it already.

“But fighting in America doesn’t hurt, and it does increase the profile and the interest, and a different fan base and following. It would be good to get a big fight in America in the summer.

“I’ll fight Wilder in Alabama if that’s what is going to make him feel secure and safe enough to take the fight. If he wants, he can have the home judges, his hometown, whatever. I don’t care.

“I’d even fight him in his own home, the kitchen, the garage, the garden, wherever. I want to get hold of him and hurt him.”

Floyd Mayweather UFC

UFC president Dana White held a gathering with Floyd Mayweather in Japan on Wednesday and prodded a potential return for the 44-year-old.

White posted a photograph of himself and Mayweather with the inscription: “HOOOOOOOLY S***!!!!!! WTF is going on here.”

The pair collaborated for the show match, which saw Mayweather take out Conor McGregor in a confining ring in 2017.

Another show battle could be on the cards – and perhaps in Japan, where the discussions were held.

Jrue Holiday agrees on 4-year, $160 million extensions with the Bucks

Former All-Star Jrue Holiday will be a long-time member of the Milwaukee Bucks as he signed a four-year contract extension that can reach up to $160 million.

Holiday acquired by the Bucks in the offseason to strengthen its case for a championship shot has been averaging 17.0 points, 5.4 assists, 4.6 rebounds, and 1.82 steals this season.

His efficient rate is high, shooting a career-high 50.9% from the field to go with 39.0% from the three-point arc and 81.6% from the free-throw line.

The 17th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft has been widely known as a two-way player and one of the most underrated NBA players.

Spending most of his career with the New Orleans Pelicans, Holiday found himself in need of a better team rather than being a mentor for the squad as he vies for an NBA championship across his name.

The extension also means that the Bucks trio, back-to-back MVP GiannisAntetokounmpo and all-star Khris Middleton will be in tack and responsible for bringing a championship to the city.

It was also a good move for the Bucks, even though Holiday still has an active contract. The team knows that Holiday will be surrounded by suitors come the end of his contract.

Boxing comeback: The new trend in the sport

Two of the biggest names in the last generation in boxing are reportedly set to square off in an exhibition bout. The Puerto Rican periodical El Nuevo Dia reported Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez are finalizing an agreement to fight on June 12, per Michael Benson of talkSPORT.

Boxing exhibitions are suddenly the new rage after last fall’s showdown between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Even former UFC stars such as Anderson Silva and Ben Askren will be lacing up the gloves to go at it in the ring. Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez are also hopping on board.

Both Cotto and Marquez have been out of the sport for some time. Cotto (41-6) won titles in four weight classes before retiring following a loss to Sadam Ali in 2017. Marquez (56-7-1) has not fought since 2014 when he beat Mike Alvarado.

There were talks for a fight between the two back in 2016, though those talks were never finalized because of a dispute regarding weight. Former Marquez trainer Ignacio Beristain said in December of 2017 he regretted the fight not being finalized:

“[Cotto] was about to measure himself against Juan Manuel Márquez, but it was never achieved. I would have liked to be in that fight, it would have been a big fight and I really like to work in big fights,” Beristain said at the time, via Boxing Scene.

It turns out the fight between the two stars will be happening.  Miguel Cotto is 40-years-old and Juan Manuel Marquez is turning 48 in August, so it will be interesting to see what both these veteran fighters have left in the tank. Whether the quality will match the hype after such long layoffs is another question entirely.

Juan Manuel Marquez has links to a comeback against Miguel Cotto over the summer, and this will no doubt have filtered through to long-time rival Manny Pacquiao. The Mexican is reportedly in talks to taceCotto in an exhibition battle seven years after announcing his retirement. Marquez vs. Cotto will be a battle of two former opponents of both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Beaten by both Marquez and Cotto have considerably different stories to tell on the boxing legends. Marquez was wronged on three occasions by the judges. Eventually, he got his revenge in a stunning turn of events at the MGM Grand in 2012. Wiping Pacquiao out as nobody had ever done before, Marquez was finally content with his career achievements.

LaMarcus Aldridge part ways with San Antonio

The days of the San Antonio Spurs with LaMarcus Aldridge has now come to an end after both parties “mutually agreed to part ways.”

Head coach Gregg Popovich confirmed the development before their first game after the All-Star break.

“LaMarcus is not with the team,” he said in an interview.

“He’s healthy, in that respect, but we’ve mutually agreed to work out some opportunities for him, and that’ll be elsewhere,” the coach said. “So, he won’t be with the team moving forward.”

The Spurs acquired the former All-Star in 2015 where he was expected to be the future franchise big man of the team as the then-active Tim Duncan was nearing his retirement.

However, they failed to taste a championship during his six years stay in San Antonio. Kawhi Leonard’s departure also disrupt the future of the franchise.

Nonetheless, the team supported Aldridge and they are now looking for suitors. The Spurs are pretty confident that Aldridge can start fresh before the NBA trade deadline arrive.

The new season of the NBA has already presented several blockbuster news either on a trade and buyout that are so far reshaping the landscape of the league.

Coincidentally all “Gary” are traded in the NBA

Although this year’s trade season was dubbed as a silent one, it did spark some exciting stuff.

Aside from the Orlando Magic trading away all their leading players and Rajon Rondo being more valued than Lou Williams based on the trade, one thing that stood out is that all players named “Gary” were traded on the same day.

It is the first time in NBA history that it occurred.

Gary Clark of the Magic was traded, Gary Harris of the Denver Nuggets was sent away, and Gary Trent Jr. of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Gary Trent was the only player who got traded peacefully because, believe it or not, Clark and Harris went on a Gary-to-Gary trade.

These amazing facts will be remembered by many. Gary is a popular name, but how often do you see all Gary’s in the NBA get involved in one day?

Don’t get me wrong, but these players are gems to their new squad on a serious note. Trent has played well, and Harris is a bucket, and Clark is a promising player for years to come.

So, we could see Gary’s storming the NBA soon.