Boxing is a brutal combat sport.
Anything can happen inside the boxing ring, even death.
However, instances like this are rare.
Mostly, boxing is a source of inspirational stories because many boxers came from low life.
Boxing has been their escape.
But, not all succeeded—others succumbed.
It is the story of Edwin Valero.
A bright future was waiting for him. He was already walking in the spotlight.
But it did not last long enough.
Valero was born in Venezuela.
He came from a low environment wherein he fought at a very young age to eat. He was running away from the cops and more.
Fast forward, he stumbled in two paths, the old and the new one.
He chose the new, which was becoming a professional boxer.
He took the sport in a jaw-dropping fashion.
He was finishing his opponents in the first round.
He was 12-0 in the record to start. All were via first-round stoppage.
Imagine the beast inside of Valero.
But, his old life was chasing him.
His career began to take a new road after his license was invoked after an MRI revealed a small spot on his head that could lead to cerebral hemorrhage.
He broke ties with his promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, as Valero felt they could do something about his situation, but they didn’t.
He left and went overseas.
They are fighting in different countries.
He maintained his first-round finishes before he met Genaro Tracanzos, who lasted two rounds.
Valero then was able to make it to a title match. However, it took him ten rounds to win. He won.
A smile should be his initial reaction. But after his victory, he was smiling less and being irritated quickly. He was already that kind of person before but is elevated to a new level.
It was the beginning of the end for Valero.
His wife reported him due to beating. His wife was hospitalized, and Valero came in, even arguing with the doctor and nurse. He didn’t want them to talk to her.
Due to his erratic behavior, Valero was scheduled to be put in rehab by the Venezuelan government. However, on his way to the airport, he was involved in a car accident. Valero was under the presence of alcohol.
A police escort was then given to them; however, he could free from them as he took his wife with him and went to a hotel.
The following, Valero went to the lobby of the hotel admitting he killed his wife.
He said he was drunk and maybe even hitting drugs. He did not resist as the cops arrested him with his sweat pants on.
A few days after, he hung himself inside his cell, using his sweat pants.
Valero committed suicide. He was 28 years old.
The bright future became so dark that he submitted to it.
Indeed a nerve-wracking story in the history of boxing.

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