We are only days away before the NBA officially applies the new play-in tournament, which will make every end of the regular season a full intensity action, especially for those who want to avoid the play-in and want to catch the play-in tourney.

The tournament will house the top 10 teams from East and West. And then the 7th-10th placer will battle to determine the seventh and eighth seed of the playoffs.

The number 7 and 8 team at the end of the regular season will have a one-game battle in which the winner will officially take the seventh spot in the playoffs while the loser will still have to face the winner of the 8th and 9th to secure the eighth spot.

The current NBA standings preview these play-in matchups that will start on the 18th of May (US time).

In the West:

The Memphis Grizzlies (9th) battle the San Antonio Spurs (10th), wherein the winner will face the loser of the Los Angeles Lakers (7th) -Golden State Warriors (8th) faceoff.

In the East:

A preview for the 2021 NBA play-in tournament

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