The legendary NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabar lashed out a strong compliment for Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis saying he’s seeing his game on the former number one overall pick.

Jabar is an all-time great and is currently the number one in points scored in an NBA career. He scored more than 38,000 points, probably a record to remain for decades to come.

The answer of the Lakers legend came out on a Twitter question-and-answer as the sporting world is put on hold due to the coronavirus.

“Anthony Davis is the player that I mostly resemble but I never shot 3 pointers like he does. However, all other aspects of his game are similar to mine,” Jabar tweeted

The remarks made by Jabar is a boost to the big man as he continue to be the focal point of the Lakers offense.

Davis has a strong back to the basket game along with his running baby hook similar to Jabar and his sky hook that is also known as the most unguardable shot in basketball history.

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