In a drastic turn of events, former four-division world champion Adrien Broner found himself caged inside the jail due to the lawsuit filed against him by a woman he assaulted in 2018.
After being defeated by Manny Pacquiao in 2017, the Americans never fight again. He is only 31 years old. He is still in his prime, but for some reason, he became wild and careless.
The judge put him to jail after failing to pay the woman he assaulted. The judge ordered Broner to pay $800,000 as a cost for his damage.
He did not cooperate force the trial court to jail him until he cooperated with the woman’s attorney.
However, his purse seemed to run out of money.
One source said that Broner is most likely to fight in January 2021, wherein he is expected to cash in a significant amount. His earnings will be the one he will use to pay the woman entirely.
But if that is the case, how will he train now that he is in jail?
His defiance to the court-ordered resulted in this. It is Broner’s fault.
Is his future slowly breaking in front of him?
He has been controversial lately, and it’s been three years since he last fought.
What happened to the mouthful Adrien Broner?
Did his defeat to Pacquiao take a significant toll on him? Or does he has self-struggle, maybe?
How will he come back to the spotlight now that his life is starting to get ruined?
Currently, he is a boxer fighting for his overall future, not just his career in boxing.
Hopefully, this will serve as his lesson en route to a new Adrien Broner.
There is so much to risk for such a great athlete.
He must learn how to control himself, have discipline, and be in the right mind.
He should stop idolizing Floyd Mayweather; he should look at how Pacquiao dealt him.
Broner should figure out a way to solve his issue and start moving forward before it’s too late.
He must not waste his 4-6 years left in boxing. Those years are the most crucial part that will define the life he will be living after hanging the gloves.

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