If you think that the gentlemen eyeing for a boxing comeback are just joking, here’s an icing to the cake to prove their earnest to compete.
Reports are stating that the Mike Tyson versus Evander Holyfield III has gathered pace and is inching closer to a done deal.
A £200 million or $275 million is rumoured as the offer for the fight that will take place in Dubai.
Tyson’s comeback against Roy Jones Jr. was a success, hence, they are looking for the Tyson-Holyfield as a bigger match to make.
Tyson was defeated twice by Holyfield and it the fight is pushed through “the baddest man on the planet” will have another shot for revenge decades after.
This could also be the biggest boxing fight of the year. It could even match the potential undisputed match of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua as well as the next Manny Pacquiao fight.
Holyfield has been actively pushing to make the fight happen as he continuous to train in preparation for his boxing comeback.

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