As a combat sport, boxing has been a great entertainment for decades before of its action.
However, the sport is not only about offense and how strong you punch. Several boxing superstars had already displayed jaw-dropping defences that we need to appreciate.
The movement, the anticipation and the quickness to dodge multiple attacks can not only be great for safety but it can also take its toll to the offensive fighter.
It can disrupt the rhythm of the opponent, hence, will give the better defender the upper hand.
Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather are some of the superstars who displayed amazing dodges on their match.

The current pound-for-pound king is known for his great head movement that allows him to dodge his opponent attacks.
What’s very impressive inCanelo’s head movement is that he can do it anywhere from the ring.
His defense and offense are perfectly even that’s why he is so tough to beat.
His left to right, swing up and down movements often make the opponent to miss their punches. Pretty helpful, right?

The current WBC heavyweight champion once displayed his amazing defense imitating Muhammad Ali’s famous rope-a-dope.
This only shows the skill and confident Fury have.
Those kind of defense plus a little childish gesture will surely frustrate the opponent.
At 6’9” Fury is moving exceptionally well, his movement separates him from the rest of the heavyweights in the present.

Although some will say that he only know how to run when fighting, Mayweather is really skilful and has an impenetrable defense.
It’s the defense that led him to an amazing 50-0 record.
The amount of training and concentration are very evident on Mayweather’s defense. He uses his IQ all the time that’s why he is one of the best to ever lace up the gloves.

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