What has just happened?

The trailer of one of the most awaited movies this year — Charlie’s Angel — is already out! And it is so savage! Everyone is talking about it!

(If you haven’t watch the trailer, thank me later, because here’s the video for you to see:)

After 19 years when the former Charlie’s Angels — Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore — took us on a spy world to accomplish missions for Charlie, a new generation of “Angels,” is about to give movie enthusiasts another round of jam-packed action stunts.

As part of the Charlie’s Angels series, the latest installment will call to the mission Twilight’s Kristen Stewarts as Sabina, Aladdin’s Naomi Scott (yes, she portrays Princess Jasmine) as Elena, and a newcomer actress Ellen Balinska as Jane. The three angels will work as private investigators of multi-millionaire named Charlie to accomplish series of missions.

Among missions, one thing is for sure, they need to save the world from threat and bad guys!

It was in September 2015 when Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that there would be a reboot of the 2000 film. Meanwhile, it was in July 2018 when Stewart, Scott, and Balinska were announced as the lead stars.

Kristen Stewart was the first angel to be seen on trailer being in disguise. Next was Ellen Balinska who would portray as M16 agent, and Naomi Scott as a client would turn into a spy and became part of the squad.

What makes 2019’s Charlie’s Angels different to the 19-year-old Charlie’s Angels is that rather than having one Bosley, who was portrayed by Bill Murray before, there will be a lot of Bosley’s. Among them will be Elizabeth Banks, Djimon Hounsou, and Patrick Stewart.

More than that, the new gen of Angels was seen showing their action stunts.

Stewart showed off her disguise abilities and on the latter part, a clip of her throwing a “toy” to blow up cars. Meanwhile, Balinska, with her combat skills, proved that she could handle a gun specially she was a former MI6 operative! As for Scott, everyone will surely be curious on her character on how she is going to become part of the “Angels.”

However, as same with McG’s 2000 film, the trailer showed that it would also use “wigs, toys, and clothes.”

But, wait, there is more!

To All The Boys I Loved Before and The Perfect Date lead actor Noah Centineo is also seen on the trailer and will join the squad as, maybe, the love interest of Jane (Ellen Balinska).

Me Before You star Sam Claflin will also be part of the film with undisclosed character.

If Beyonce sung the official soundtrack of the 2000 film, this time, for the first time, fans will be hearing a collaboration from three superstars in our age – Lana del Rey, Miley Cyrus, and Ariana Grande. Plus, one of the new Bosleys, Elizabeth Banks, is the director of the film. This movie will be giving us a lot of girl power feels and we can’t wait!

So, watch out for these badass women (plus the men!) on Charlie’s Angels which will be released on November 15, 2019.

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