The fight between two warriors had finally come to a close with Seniesa Estrada winning via 10th round TKO as Marlen Esparza’s corner called it a quit due to her nasty cut in the forehead caused by a head butt.

Estrada remained unbeaten (18-0, 8 KOs) and seized the vacant WBA interim women’s flyweight title.

She also lived up to her moniker “super bad” as the fight turned out to be real bloodied.

Esparza, however, earned much respect to the crowd and to the people watching with her perseverance and heart to still go all out despite her ‘Badou Jack” cut. She now had her first defeat (7 wins, 1 loss, 1 KO).

The cut came in the fifth round with a head butt, Esparza, however, fought through the bleeding until the ninth round where he was again head butted. The blood shedding in her face hindered her from seeing.

The rivalry of the two fighters was a year in the making with their unending verbal altercation that started on social media.

Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions

“I had an amazing training camp and I felt great tonight. Head butt or not, I still whooped her ass every round. I didn’t really target it too much. I felt great, I’m made for the late rounds. I can go 15 rounds, take it back old school.” Estrada said.

But the despite the win, it seems that the beef isn’t over yet.        

“No, the beef is not settled. Respect to her team, but I still don’t like her,” she added.

The judges scored the fight, 90-81, 89-82, 88-83, still in favor of Estrada.

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