Boxing rising star Ryan Garcia expressed his dismay on the fans quickly listing off their favorite athlete once they end up defeated.
The lightweight contender added that the fans somewhat dare lose their respect and love for their favorite athletes just because they had one bad performance.
“I mean everybody loses, Serena Williams loses, [Christiano] Ronaldo has lost before. You see, legends lose; it’s not the end of the world; you can come back and win and get better. I think it’s unfair to the boxers,” Garcia stated.
This issue broke out after the surprising defeat of Vasiliy Lomachenko against Teofimo Lopez.
Garcia even compared the UFC fans as better as fighters still being respected after every fight, win, or loss.
Boxing is also a combat sport, a brutal competition; that is why every boxer deserves respect from Garcia’s perspective. Every time they stepped in the ring, they risked their lives, for their dreams, and entertainment to the fans.
“In boxing, opinion and narratives change from fight to fight. What I mean by that is ignore what people say, especially in boxing; it’s very unfair if you think about it,” the American stressed out.
A similar situation occurred to the former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. After suffering his first professional defeat against Tyson Fury, fans already crossed him out while some lashed out words towards him due to his poor performance.
Things like these should have no place, especially in combat sports, wherein the worst can happen at any moment.

Sourced from essentially sports.

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