By Bombo Ponciano ‘John’ Melo Jr -July 14, 2020 | 6:54 AM


Fans of EA Sports Video Game UFC will have an exciting addition for the upcoming UFC 4 as heavyweight champions Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua got included as playable characters.

The UFC 4 will be out on August 11 for both Xbox and PlayStation.

“We wanted them. We thought they’d be fun to have in the game as extra characters. Every year, we’ve done different things, from Bruce Lee to now these guys. It’s awesome. I’m glad they agreed and wanted to be a part of it and it’s gonna be a fun game,” UFC President Dana White said.

Jorge Masdival and Israel Adesanya will serve as the cover athletes of the video game. The early days of Masdival will also be featured wherein he was fighting bare knuckles on the yard.

While it is not realistic to see Fury and Joshua competing against the UFC fighters, in the gaming world it can happen and it will surely bring entertainment to the users.

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