Two of the greatest boxers to ever lace the gloves will suffer hell claimed boxing legend Thomas Hearns if they were to fight during his prime.
Hearns is a five-division world champion who competed from 1977 to 2006.
He fought in the welterweight division and was able to go up to four more divisions during his entire career.
The retired American boxer stated that despite Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are good boxers; he will school them during his prime.
Manny Pacquiao, I think that he’s a pretty good fighter. I think that he would do well. He would do okay [against me]. I think that he would do pretty good,” he said during his interview with the Ring Magazine.
“He would have to come to me. I would probably box him and keep boxing him and look for the shot. Yeah, I would box him and look for the opening. I would give him a good boxing lesson.”
Compare to the records; both boxers have fought a lot; Hearns had 61 wins with 45 knockouts, five defeats, and one draw on his professional career, while Pacquiao is currently at 62 wins, including 29 knockouts, seven losses, and two draws.
On the other hand, he also weighed the unbeaten 50-0 Floyd Mayweather Jr.
“I think that Floyd Mayweather would do pretty good (against me),” he stated. “He’s got good head movement, and I can’t put him down. I have to give him his props. He could last.”
But the bottom line, Hearns still considered himself winning against the two future boxing legends.
“Listen, they’re good fighters,” Hearns said of Pacquiao and Mayweather. “I can’t take anything away from those guys. But you know anybody who was in my weight division, you know, I would give them hell.”
“They would have to be fighting hard and be ready to absorb a lot of punches to beat me. Because, you know, I ain’t going to let anybody just come in and beat me.”

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