Garry Ritter, a boxing referee is in current hot discussion within the boxing community after his no-call on a knockdown that led to more beating lasted for 12 rounds.

Israil Madrimov and Eric Walker was the fight Ritter was calling on, the co-main event. On the ninth round, Madrimov successfully connected a full strength left hook that hit the jaw of Walker sending him to the canvass.

While the replays showed that it was a legal knockdown, Ritter saw it differently saying Walker was pushed by Madrimov shoulder. However, Walker was clearly shaken up and took a minute to get up. 

The fight should have stopped from that point on but the fight continued and Walker received more punishment until the three minute mark of the 12th round.

The missed call of the referee had put Walker into a dangerous scenario which could lead to severe injuries and even death.

This is not the first time it happened in boxing, that’s why they are pushing for the betterment of judging to avoid more casualties to boxers competing.

Boxing Updates: John Riel Casimero challenge by undefeated Duke Micah

Undefeated bantamweight contender Duke Micah will challenge the reigning WBO champion John Riel Casimero on September 26 with the venue still on talks according to reports.

This will be the first fight of Casimero after dethroning Zolani Tete to claim his third-division belts nine nine months ago.

On the other hand, Micah, a Ghana native, will have his first title match and will try to mark his name.

Casimero was supposed to fight Japanese superstar Noaya Inoue but was ruined and had to change plan in order to make his US stay worthy.

The match will be broadcast on Premier Boxing Championships or the PBC.

David Benavidez stops Roamer Angulo via 10th round TKO

David Benavidez remains clean on his professional boxing career after a stoppage victory over the contender Roamer Angulo.

The win, however, was not joyous as what Benavidez was thinking after he lost his WBC super middleweight belt a day before the fight due to his weight.

But performance-wise, the young former champ displayed masterful boxing throughout the fight that made Angulo dealt his first ever knockout defeat.

After the fight, Benavidez told reporters that he needed to learn his lesson as this was the second time he lost the belt. The first one was due to a failed drug test in 2018. 

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