Saul “Canelo” Alvarez was not a fan of the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan, in invading boxing to fight other people and retired boxers.
For the pound-for-pound king, what they are doing is just for money as they know nothing what boxing really is.
It can be remembered that Logan, the older Paul, fought fellow YouTube personality KSI before and now he was able to ink a match with Floyd Mayweather Jr., next year. Meanwhile, Jake recently fought Nate Robinson, the former NBA player.
He crushed the debuting player, but Alvarez was not impressed.
“Ya know, it’s all about the money. I don’t think we would agree that people that are basketball players, that are YouTubers get licenses. Ya know, I don’t criticize [the Paul brothers]. This is a risky sport, and if you go up there, it’s, very risky Alvarez said.
Seeing how the box is far from being elite, they are entertainers due to their status as YouTubers.
Compared to what professional boxers have been through, it could have been an insult, to Canelo opened his side by inviting Jake Paul for sparring to teach him what boxing really is.
“I have other stuff going on, and I would invite him for a sparring session so that he truly knows what it’s all about,” the Mexican said.
Now he has lesser stuff to do after he snatched Callum Smith’s middleweight belt in a unanimous victory.

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