Have you ever witnessed a poor sportsmanship? Or do you remember the infamous GilasPilipinas and Australia brawl inside the Philippine Arena?
Well, even before that something similar had already happened involving a Filipino.
It was the fight of John Riel Casimeroagainst the Argentinian Luis Alberto Lazarte for the IBF Light Flyweight belt.
It took place at the Club Once Unidos, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012.
The “Quadro Alas” Casimero was in home court disadvantage during the fight but he showed fantastic boxing skills that led to the T.K.O victory on the 10nth round.
But why the fans in attendance were furious on Casimero and his side?
Well, it was because due to an illegal punch of Casimero to the back of the head of Lazarte.
Lazarte was given five minutes to recover but he didn’t recover quickly and Casimero dominated him by knocking him down twice in the ninth, one which was saved by the bell.
He then continued the next round but was taking too much punishment that the referee stopped the fight even before Lazarte’s side throw in the towel.
Casimero was celebrating but some fans already threw in bottles in the ring. He even stood up on the ropes beating his chest and in just an instant the crowd surrounded them. Chairs and bottles were threw at them. They did try to cover and move around the ring to avoid the things being thrown.
As they helplessly exited, the crowd went for them and they needed the police assistant to get away from the rioters.
The fans were angry because they felt like their boxer was cheated.
The incident went viral and the country took the responsibility as they were temporarily banned from hosting any boxing match.
Imagine the pressure in that situation? He was in the enemy’s territory but I guessed his quadro alas luck worked as they exited not severely injured.
And those moments are what made Casimero a tough boxer today.
He conquered every country and he’s getting braver every time he fights.
And that is what Mike Ducah must be prepared for. To fight a warrior not just a boxer.

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