The world is tough but existing in this oblate spheroid planet is a blessing.
It was a cry when I was born on this world and time flied fast I was already wandering in different places around the globe. Living and learning for 51 years is an achievement.

All the experience, the joy and even the heartaches are the things that I will forever cherished in my remaining years.
Celebrating my 51 years was fun. I was really overwhelmed when video greetings were made for me, from my good friends in different radio stations who consistently playing my hit song Malapit na ang Pasko, from my relatives in the Philippines, my family here in the United States and from my former and current staffs.

They have their different style of greetings but I like the most was my current staff parody of Malapit na ang Paso music video.
Also, I’m grateful for other achievements this year, despite getting busy from my business, my YouTube Channel grew to 25 thousand subscribers as of this writing and my song Malapit na ang Pasko reached 3.9 million views on Facebook! A bit short for 4 million but it was really an honor that many of you like the song.
Again, I want to thank everyone for the love and for the prayers!
Let us all finish this year in great note!

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