Although this year’s trade season was dubbed as a silent one, it did spark some exciting stuff.

Aside from the Orlando Magic trading away all their leading players and Rajon Rondo being more valued than Lou Williams based on the trade, one thing that stood out is that all players named “Gary” were traded on the same day.

It is the first time in NBA history that it occurred.

Gary Clark of the Magic was traded, Gary Harris of the Denver Nuggets was sent away, and Gary Trent Jr. of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Gary Trent was the only player who got traded peacefully because, believe it or not, Clark and Harris went on a Gary-to-Gary trade.

These amazing facts will be remembered by many. Gary is a popular name, but how often do you see all Gary’s in the NBA get involved in one day?

Don’t get me wrong, but these players are gems to their new squad on a serious note. Trent has played well, and Harris is a bucket, and Clark is a promising player for years to come.

So, we could see Gary’s storming the NBA soon.

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