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Today we will talk about one of the most dominating athlete to ever play.
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Let’s get right into it
Wilder claimed in 2018 he would destroy the legend and one of the best boxers in the history, Mike Tyson.
We know Deontay Wilder’s power. He knocked out 41 opponents on his 42 wins! And he hasn’t taste a defeat yet.
But can he really defeat a young Mike Tyson?
But first, could he also beat TYSON FURY on their rematch?
Okay. Mike Tyson is a short guy for the heavyweight division but his power and speed was unreal on his days.
Wilder is 6 foot 7. So we will give the reach advantage to him. They both have power. Wilder is a one-punch specialist but Tyson is a heavy and volume puncher like real heavy puncher.
Sadly, we wouldn’t know the answer if who will win. Both are from different generations.
But Tyson lauded Wilder’s mindset.
For you Kabayan, who do you think will win? Mike Tyson or Deontay Wilder?
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For me, I think Tyson could beat Wilder. Tyson had an insane speed and power. He can easily dodge Wilder’s attack.
Although Wilder’s showcasing his IQ in the ring on his last fights I think Tyson is smarter.
Look at Tyson. He can also fight inside. He loves going in. If he can go close-range with Wilder if would definitely be Tyson.

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