UFC President Dana White shot back at legendary promoter Bob Arum over Top Rank’s poor ratings, two events after its resume.

The war of words between the two gentlemen continue to grow that started when Arum told the press about his thoughts on the return of UFC despite the pandemic.

“I just hope that they’re not endangering the safety of anyone. But this kind of cowboy behaviour doesn’t do anybody any good,” said Arum who also aired he has little respect to White.

After a month, it was Top Rank Boxing’s time to return. However, the outcome where different.

More people tuned in to UFC compared to TP after two events.

Only 397,000 viewers were recorded on boxing’s first event compared to the 1.198 million of UFC.

“So many people are watching, this is everybody’s time to shine. The sports is at a whole other level right now,” White stated.

“Bob Arum, give him a shout out. Good job, Bob,” he sarcastically added before continuing dropping explicit words.

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