Golden Boy Promotions owner Oscar De La Hoya unleashed his frustration on boxing’s poor television rating on Twitter.
“It’s a … embarrassment that sports-starved fans are flocking to baseball and the UFC, & largely ignoring the greatest sport in the world,” he tweeted.

Boxing has been on a downfall on viewership and ratings after they returned despite the current pandemic.
The fans-less arena plus the boxers participating were not that attracting to the viewers. Due to this problem, De La Hoya vowed to get Canelo Alvarez fight as soon as possible.

“If anyone doubted how badly boxing needs Canelo – the sport’s biggest star – back in the ring, look no further than the terrible ratings from boxing on network TV the last few weeks,” he said.
Canelo is the pound-for-pound king of boxing and arguably one of the best that will steal the attention of millions of fans.
Sound desperate, boxing organizers really need to ink big names fight to halt the poor television rating of boxing.

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