Battle fans nearly had the opportunity to see a fight between previous UFC champion Georges St-Pierre and boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya, yet UFC, at last, destroyed the thought.

De La Hoya, who recently reported his re-visitation of boxing, has been looking for the correct adversary for his rebound battle. The 48-year-old previous best on the planet has effectively been connected to an expected conflict with MMA veterans Eddie Alvarez and Anthony Pettis. However, those sessions never worked out as expected.

“Golden Boy” is as yet searching for his ideal partner.

News is currently surfacing that De La Hoya was in chats with St-Pierre’s group to book a legend versus legend battle within the boxing ring. The only issue is GSP is as yet under agreement with UFC, and the significant MMA advancement is reluctant to approve such a matchup, regardless of whether it costs St-Pierre an enormous payday.

“This f—k nut (Dana White) kept Georges St-Pierre from making the biggest payday with me,” De La Hoya recently wrote on his Instagram page.

“Dana White and UFC just blocked Georges St-Pierre from fighting Oscar De La Hoya,” Triller head Ryan Kavanaugh also wrote. “It is a big payday for GSP, and both he and Oscar dream to fight each other.

“Dana would rather hold back those who put the UFC where it is and why?” he continued. “I’ve tried to call and text Dana at least five times to make it work for both parties, not even the courtesy of a return call.”

St-Pierre, who authoritatively resigned from MMA back in Feb. 2019, has been connected to a potential super fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov for a long while. That session never appeared, Khabib resigned in late 2020, and St-Pierre was left without motivation to get back to battle sports.

A bout with De La Hoya might have moved the needle for the previous UFC welterweight and middleweight champion, yet we’ll never really know on account of the choice by UFC.

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