Oscar De la Hoya is looking to make a more significant impact than what Mike Tyson and Roy Jones did on their comeback exhibition fight. He is targeting active boxer and the current IBF Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin.
“I’m open to fighting GGG!” De la Hoya confidently said.
De la Hoya is among the boxers who aspire to comeback after having retired for years, and he is planning to do it in 2021.
“I’m 90 percent positive that I’m coming back the first quarter of next year,” he said.
While it may look exciting to see De la Hoya makes his comeback, was it wise to pick up a fight with Triple G?
Not only that he is an active boxer, but he is also the current fourth-best pound-for-pound boxer.
De la Hoya is already 47 years old, while Golovkin is 38.
Maybe he chose Golovkin because their age disparity is a bit closer, but the facts remain that Golovkin is a top fighter and is in better shape because he is active.
But now that he witnessed Tyson and Jones’s capabilities on their exhibition match does De la Hoya still has the guts to continue his comeback?
“The 10 percent is based on how Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. look in their upcoming fight. We’re almost the same age. Although I’m younger, our bodies have been through the same strain with workouts and training,” he explained.
Jones was already catching his breath in the second round of a two-minute per round rule, and there were hardly any instances that they looked like they can fight active boxers. So what will be the impact of this on De la Hoya?

Meanwhile, will we see Teofimo Lopez Jr. clash against the rising superstar Ryan Garcia very soon?
“I can’t wait to do Teofimo [Lopez] in the future with Ryan Garcia. That’s the fight to make. It’s crazy because everyone is after Ryan Garcia. Imagine that… We can’t wait to make those big fights happen,” said Oscar Dela Hoya on a recent Instagram life.

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