Nearly 12 months on from his overwhelming misfortune to Tyson Fury, it shows up Deontay Wilder is as yet accusing everybody except himself for the destruction.
After his stunning cases that he lost given his ring walk outfit among other strange cases, he has now blamed the previous mentor Mark Breland for spiking his water during the annihilation to ‘The Gypsy King.’
More out of control told his lead trainer, Jay Deas, he trusts Breland ‘planned something for the water. Wilder, speaking to 78 Sports TV, said: “He was saying something about Jay pouring the water and s* like that and the glove wasn’t tampered with and stuff like that, it’s crazy how you can say another man did something that we don’t have no proof of. “Although we know what the deal is. We know what’s up, man. “But it ain’t no proof, but you want to debunk something that we have all the proof and evidence of. It’s crazy. And I told Jay. I told Jay, ‘Man, I believe Mark did something to the water, man. Jay, I can’t believe it. He doesn’t want to give me the water’ and stuff like that. Wilder insists that he wasn’t his true self in the ring that night and believes that forces were conspiring against him. “If people understood how I felt in that mother and what I was able to do under all that pressure and s that was going on with me man, they’ll look at me today and salute me every time they see me and say, ‘Champ, I don’t know how the f*** you did it.’
“But you know, people will never know. They’ll never know.”
Breland recently told the ‘Fight is Right’ podcast that he thought that Wilder was finished in the ring and that he is a one-dimensional fighter.
“His career is done now, I’m done and he’s done, I’m done with him.
“He’s got a lot of power but that’s all, I wish him well and that’s it.”
Wilder hit back and accused him of betrayal before his latest outburst.
He said: “It’s crazy, bro, it’s crazy. Because I had this man around me for so long. Do you know what I’m saying?
“I had him around my family, around my kids – I fed this dude.
“Even when many people thought I outgrew him, many wanted me to fire him but I kept him on board. To hear all these things that he’s saying is crazy.

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