Deontay Wilder looked back to his roots when asked about the fighters he would want to fight if given a chance.
The former WBC heavyweight world champion listed three boxing royalties that came before him whom he acknowledged and admired.
“When I’m asked that question, my mind always goes back to Alabama, bro, with the fighters that came before me, that paved the way before me,” he said in an interview released by The Sun.
“Most of them had to start their career in other states, but they were born where I was.
“I’d want to go up against a guy that’s from where I’m from, the likes of Joe Louis, the likes of Evander Holyfield, who is one of my favorite fighters.”
“And, the likes of Earnie Shavers. Out of those three guys, there’s a lot more that came from this state, but out of those three guys, if not all of them, I would love to share the ring with them,” he finished.
Wilder has proven himself inside the boxing ring after an insane unbeaten streak before hitting rock bottom in a defeat to Tyson Fury.
However, like his dream fights, those fighters suffered setbacks in their career, as Wilder put on his mind as he tries to redeem himself as the best heavyweight in the division.

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