The number one seed in NBA regular season, the Milwaukee Bucks is now on the bridge of elimination as they are being dominated by the Miami Heat.
Additionally and a great concern for them is their main player and NBA MVP candidate GiannisAntetokoumnpo. He left game 4 early after hurting his right ankle.
Despite they won without him, thanks to co-star Khris Middleton, Antetokoumnpo’s uncertainty for the next game will make it difficult for them.

He is also the reigning Defensive Player of the Year.
While the MVP award remains a who-who, Giannis is the front runner over Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James.But will those awards mean anything if they will be eliminated?
A regular season full of fun is currently nearing its dooms day. What do you think about the future of the Bucks?

Antetokoumnpo was already feeling the pain on his foot the game before but insisted to play for game 4. Was it a noob move for them?
For me, it was a gamble but it was also necessary because they were down already 3-0. Another defeat means they will be heading to vacation and watch the other team clinch their championship title dream.

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