The return of Mike Tyson has started a new trend for retired boxers as his rival Evander Holyfield plans to make his return in April 2021 against the former cruiserweight champion Glenn McCrory.
McCrory spilt the development of an interview with talkSPORT.com.
“I spoke to Holyfield on the phone the other night, and he said he, will fight me,” he said guaranteeing the fight.
“He’s been scared of me for 30 years, but now he’s finally going to fight me. He’s getting brave,” he added.
McCrory was the IBF cruiserweight champion in 1989 after winning the belt vacated by Holyfield.
The British boxer had a professional record of 30 wins with only 12 knockouts, eight losses and one draw.
Meanwhile, Holyfield was the former undisputed champion of two divisions, the cruiserweight and the heavyweight. He registered 44 wins with 29 knockouts, 10 defeats, two draws, and one no contest.
McCrory felt that he has been Holyfield’s successor after leaving the cruiserweight and that his biggest opponent ran away from him.
“We’re looking at April, I’m talking to Joe Brown and Jim Freeman from the BKB company, and they want to put it on at the O2 in April.”
In terms of age, Holyfield is older at 58 while McCrory is 56.
Initially, Holyfield was trying to be the opponent of Tyson for the return, but it did not turn out well, hence McCrory will most likely be his opponent as they failed to meet in the ring during their professional careers.

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