Although he displayed a masterful performance in his recent victory against Jason Maloney, Naoya Inoue was seen with several weak spots that could be used against him in his next fight.

The Japanese Monster has improved after he fought Nonito Donaire Jr.; however, he still needs to work on the other areas to make him entirely a monster.
Naoya Inoue’s weakness is his HEAD MOVEMENT.
He lacks head movement during his fight against Maloney. It is something Johnriel Casimero should explore if they would fight in the future.
Inoue is quick; he has power. However, when he is dominating the fight, he tends to lower his guard.
Time and time again, this is a mistake that most of the boxers have made. Even the brightest stars in sports once did the same.
If Inoue is not moving his head swiftly and continuously, he can be easily hit despite his speed.
Especially if Casimero, fights who loves to throw power punches even with a small opening on it.
Casimero’s style would be kryptonite to Inoue if he overlooked that.
The head is what all boxers are trying to defend because, unlike the other parts of the body, one hit in the head can end the fight and cause severe damage.
Inoue should learn from the Donaire fight. He suffered a broken bone just above the eye when he was hit with Donaire’s signature left hook.
Laziness will cost him a fight. No matter how sure you are to win, it is a basic rule in boxing to defend yourself at all times.
Dropping your guard will only make the opponent’s chances go higher.
Inoue was also having a hard time in a close-range fight. He likes to keep distance wherein he can utilize his length and can counter easily.
Once in a head-to-head fight, Inoue’s advantages diminish. It is a way to dominate the unbeaten Japanese boxer.
These are the things that they should be able to take note of when fighting the Monster.
It is also best to evade his punches, whether with the left or the right. He has such tremendous power.

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