CALIFORNIA, USA — Come September 29, WBC welterweight champion Errol Spence’s untainted record will be at the line against the IBF champion Shawn Porter at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California for the World Welterweight Championship Unification match.

The Long, New York native Spence is currently holding a 25-0 (win-loss) record including 21 knockouts while the Akron, Ohio native has 30 wins, only two defeats, one draw on top of 15 KOs.

On one of their press conference, Porter revealed he plans to fight dirty with Spence saying “I’m intentionally trying to be a dirty fighter.”

First on the list was his fight against Andre Berto where he was seen headbutting the opponent and eventually getting the win, the same goes as well with his Devin Alexander fight.

Nonetheless, Spence still has the upper hand despite if he would really mean to cut him on their fight.

Porter likes to fight up close where he can throw in his dirty techniques but Spence has too much power whether up close or not.

Spence can throw heavy punches from start to start to finish something Porter needed to watch out.Fighting head-to-head can still go in Spence way and only a bad cut can put Porter in contention but it would be probably stop by the doctors.

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