Amidst the drama in the first half of the playoffs, hundreds of excited and weary fans cheer on, many of whom are Filipinos rooting for their favorite NBA stars.

Elizabeth Ferrer, a solid GWS fan, talked about a sad experience last Christmas when she paid $600 for a game ticket to watch a play between the Warriors and the Lakers only to see her beloved team lose. Yet, this did not stop Ferrer from continuing to support the Curry and his team. Wearing a trademark GSW Jersey, Ferrer was all smiles when she said, “Go Warriors! I hope you win!”

Season ticket holders for 20 years, married couple primo and Maritess De Guzman are both sporting the souvenir yellow sweatswirts of the GSW as they wait for the much anticipated game night.
Primo shows undying support as he says, “Hopefully, they make history this year.”

Nike also went wild as t-shirts and jerseys were reportedly sold at a low price of $20 to a skyrocketing rate of $200! The latter being the ones worn by the players themselves.

Some Filipinos who were interviewed are happily saying that they have spent $3,000 on a ring side seat. One Filipino even mentions shedding $300.00. All this goes to show how far Pinoys are willing to go just to see their favorite stars tear down the arena live.

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