2020 has yet to stop putting up surprises and this time it is about the unbeaten and retired Floyd Mayweather Jr. who reportedly was in talk to fight an exhibition match against YouTube personality Logan Paul in December.
Sources close to Mayweather verified the situation, however, they added that Mayweather is likely to say ‘no’ and the deal is far from being signed.
Although in an ambush interview, Logan Paul expressed his interest to make the fight possible.
While this will not count professionally, Mayweather and Paul will surely do it just for the cash involved and entertainment.
Mayweather last fight was also an exhibition against a Japanese kickboxer while Logan Paul clashed with fellow YouTuber and rival KSI.
Even if the deal somehow managed to pull through, it may look a little off. The height and weight difference are very evident as Paul stands at 6 foot 2 inches and weighs 198.5 pounds. This is a huge disadvantage to Mayweather who is only 5 foot 8 inches and 158 pounds in the scale.
Added to the question is will it be attracting to the viewers at home? It may look different if it will be held with fans but with the pandemic they are not sure whether this fight will click.
Entertainment or action? Currently the boxing community is on a tough situation as they are failing to generate enough views compared to other combat sports. Will this fight be the answer or will it be another bust for boxing?

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