For most Filipino boxers, boxing is the way to get out of poverty. Indeed it is, look at Manny Pacquiao. But it is not always like that, there were other boxers who went back to rag after boxing career.

However, this Filipino boxer who turned garbage collector is different from them. Meet Malcolm “Eagle Eye” Tuñacao, the former WBC and lineal flyweight champion.

Tuñacao was at the top during his younger days where he dismantled Medgoen Siungsurat to win the belt at the age of 22.

He had a boxing record of 35 wins, 20 knockouts, 3 defeats and 3 losses.

After his boxing career, he decided to leave Mandaue City in Cebu to live in Japan where he works as a garbage collector at the Japanase City of Kobe.

While the job looks like in a desperate situation especially if you’re living in the Philippines, made no mistake, Tuñacao is head-high proud of his job.

He revealed during the documentary of Chino Trinidad that in Japan, people think highly of garbage collectors and they were very kind to people like him.

The Eagle Eye added that he is happy with his life supporting his family as a garbage collector.

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