posted February 24, 2020 at 03:17 pm

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Tyson Fury is ready to go at it again with Deontay Wilder for the third time despite winning the rematch after a controversial draw on the first meeting.
The new WBC heavyweight champion told during the post-fight press conference that he is hoping for another bout Wilder after his dominating performance over his rival.
“I can’t wait for the next fight, a rematch hopefully,” the all smile Gypsy King Fury said.
The British smashed the former Olympic bronze medalist Wilder for only the second and third time of his professional career before giving the American’s first L.
Fury did almost everything he needed to do, except knocking out Wilder in the second round.
“I was pretty pissed because I predicted round two,” he said after being asked on what he was thinking about the third round knocked down.
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However, the new champ still gave his utmost respect to his fierce rival after withstanding the domination for seven rounds.
“He was jab very great actually. I was impressed at his double jab, credit to his team for applying that to this fight.”

“I think he is a better fighter than I fought him before and he was heavier. I wasn’t able to bully him around just like last time,” Fury said referring to their first meeting in 2018.
Nonetheless, Fury knew no one can’t take the spotlight away from him after resurrecting back in the boxing world.
“I did see improvement to his game but tonight is my night and I won’t let anybody take it away from me,” Fury said.
But with Wilder seemingly out for a while to recover, Fury, if not given the trilogy, warned anyone who will he faces next.
“Whoever is next will have the same treatment, that’s for sure,” the champion claimed.

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