How true is this? Gervonta Davis is the Deontay Wilder of the Lightweight division.
Record-wise, they are similar. Not until Wilder suffered his first defeat against Tyson Fury last February.
Before the defeat, Wilder was holding a record of 41 wins. 40 of those were via knockout.
His knockout power is incredible. However, his reputation quickly slides after Fury destroyed him in their WBC heavyweight title match.
Meanwhile, Davis is on a roll with 24 wins. 23 are via knockouts.
Both fighters only failed once to knock out their opponent.
So, is it safe to say that Davis is the Wilder of lightweight?
Yes, but it is more fitting to say that Davis is better when it comes to overall boxing skills.
As a heavyweight, Wilder has that one-punch knockout capacity. It can be instrumental in the heavyweight division.
However, in the lightweight and lower division, it is hard to do. It is because boxers here are more agile and quick. They have to rely on their techniques.
So, Davis is much scary, especially knowing the fact that he is only beginning his reign.
The American is also under the supervision of another unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd, tho did not teach Davis to run as he did in his career. Davis is a warrior, and he let the young blood build his confidence in his power that can knock out anyone.
Davis takes pride in his superb power. He has his signature uppercut, which was in full display in his recent fight against Leo Santa Cruz.
He can also unleash dynamite hooks.
Davis is a heavy hitter type of boxer. It fits his moniker, ‘tank.’ His punches are like a tank firing at you.
However, what he acquired from Floyd Mayweather was the boasting act inside the ring. It is somehow becoming a norm to all the boxers under Mayweather.
They let their opponents know that they were beaten.
The 25-year old Davis recently went up to the lightweight after owning the featherweight division.
He said that he wanted to fight more prominent names.
He won his debut in the division against Yuriorkis Gamboa in 2019.
In the 135 pounds division, Davis will have that opportunity to fight the names; Teofimo Lopez, the new undisputed lightweight champion, Ryan Garcia, who is also unbeaten, Devin Haney, and Vasiliy Lomachenko.
Will the top fighter of Mayweather continue to do wonders against these guys?
Well, we will find out soon!

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