Despite the piling numbers of cancelled game in the early part of the NBA 2020-2021 season, the league has shown a new ray of hope after no NBA players tested positive for the coronavirus since January 27, 2021.
In the data obtained, 27 players tested positive starting the second week of January until the 20th. It led to the tight contract tracing to avoid infections among players, coaches, and staff leads to the cancellation of numerous games.
Until, now several players are still not playing due to the health protocols being, imposed by the league.
To defend the players against the pandemic virus, the NBA also applied stricter rules like no hugging from opposing teams and wearing masks that filter out droplets and viruses.
If this trend continues, the All-Star Game would probably get a green light held in Atlanta. But unlike the traditional ASG, it will be a one-day event consisting of skills challenge and the All-Star game itself.
As more players are getting back in the court to play, the league is becoming more, Interesting and entertaining despite missing, the humungous number of people in attendance.

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