All of us know the tandem of Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao. The trainer-boxer duo brought unending pride to the Philippines.
But how exactly did they met?
Roach wasn’t there when Pacquiao started his professional career. They never thought they would be one of the most successful partners in the history of boxing.
They met by accident, but they were destined for greatness.
Rod Nazario, Pacquiao’s manager, was the bridge for their meeting. It was 2001.
Pacquiao was done conquering Asia; thus, Nazario believed that the then 22-year old pride of General Santos City is now ready to conquer greater heights.
However, finding a promoter willing to take Pacquiao in was not easy. They did not see the potential of Pacquiao despite being one of the best in Asia.
Nazario then was able to found Murad Muhammad, a New Jersey promoter.
He took Pacquiao because he thinks he has nothing to lose on him. In short, it was just a try.
One step was completed; he was now looking for someone to train the Filipino boxer.
Again, no one wanted to train Pacquiao, who back then was blonde.
Nazario went to Los Angeles, where he found two Filipino fighters.
They were training in the now-famous Wild Card Gym owned by Roach.
Roach was not training any Filipino boxer back then.
But Pacquiao showed up to their gym. Tried to hit the pads with Roach.
That moment was their spark.
Roach knew Pacquiao could fight. He earned his approval. Likewise, Pacquiao knew Roach would be a good trainer for him.
They then began their journey. The rest was history.
Their first fight came up against the top bantamweight fight Lehlo Ledwaba.
The WBC super bantamweight champ was scheduled to fight the then number 6 Pacquiao.
By the looks of it, it was a tough debut for the Roach-Pacquiao tandem. But they proved everybody wrong.
Pacquiao unleashed all he was doing in training with Roach.
He scored a sixth-round knockout to win the WBC super bantamweight weight.
It was a shocking but splendid performance by the Filipino.
Everyone doesn’t have a clue about him. He introduced himself to America with a bang.
He was just an undercard on an Oscar Dela Hoya fight.
Who knew that after some years, he would face and destroy Dela Hoya in the ring?
Manny Pacquiao is truly incredible, but he could reach the maximum level, all thanks to the now legendary Freddie Roach.
There are peanut butter and jelly.

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