It already almost a year since the pandemic coronavirus started destroying the normal life of everyone. And it’s been more than a year since Manny Pacquiao last fought.
It was July in 2019 to be exact. He once again overcomes the odds and doubts as he beat Keith Thurman for the WBA super welterweight belt.
How would this affect Pacquiao if he fights once again?
Well, he said that he is planning to fight twice this year. However, he still has his senator duty.
He plans to fight after April. But then, how would his training go?
Although, we’ve seen videos of him doing home training will that be enough to keep him fit and not lose his touch with the gloves?
Also, remember that he is already 42 years old. With over a year of a layoff, there is a possibility that the fatigue from his glamorous career is starting to tick in.
And that can impose risks to his health in the latter part, especially if he suffered much damage to his plan fights.
BUT he is Manny Pacquiao. He always defies the odds that’s what most people will probably say. But the body is no longer on its prime. We all know that.
What makes it riskier is that Pacquiao always wanted a tough opponent. He doesn’t want to box with just someone else. That’s just how he is.
His mind and body are now focused on his duty as a senator of the Philippines. With much going on in the country how will he able to escape and go back to his passion?
These are the questions right now around Pacquiao’s condition.
If he plans, to still do it he needs a long training camp to recover his old form. He won’t make it in just a span of three months. I doubt.

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