How will Kai Sotto perform in the NBL?

Today, the Philippines was rocked with the news of its Filipino teenage sensation, named Kai Sotto, joining the Adelaide 36ers playing in Australia’s National Basketball League.

The 7’3” wunderkind was supposed to play in the NBA G-League with Ignite but was tweaked after committing to play with GilasPilipinas for the FIBA Asia Cup.

Now, how good was his decision to play in Australia? How will this affect his chance of making it to the NBA?

The answer is, he made a great decision. NBL is a no joke. The competition there is challenging, and Sotto needed that type of basketball to grow and mature.

It maybe hard for him, but that will be the challenge for him, to outdo himself against a fellow 7-footer that is much quicker and stronger than him.

Sotto is a package, he has shooting, dribbling, and passing, but he lacked speed and mainly strength. NBL will be a good tool for him to develop those weaknesses to make it to the NBA better as he will be eligible for the draft come 2022.

The NBL is also a way to attract agents depending on how they perform. Remember, this year’s third overall pick LaMelo Ball also played in the NBL with the Illawarra Hawks. It raised his value as a player; the same can happen to Sotto.

And with this news, the basketball craze nation is very excited to see their “kababayan” play overseas. A dream for many.

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