The basketball world was literally shocked at how light speed things went. No more than 24 hours after James Harden lashed out heavy words about the status of the Houston Rockets, the next thing we know in the morning was that he has been traded.
James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, and the internet turned upside-down.
Who would not be? James Harden is now reteaming with Kevin Durant, his former pal during their stay in the Oklahoma City Thunder. Along with the two former regular season MVP is Kyrie Irving, another superstar.
In just hours of closing the eyes, the NBA already produced another super team. Unlike the Golden State Warriors super team a few years back, this one is treated scarier — the scariest for some.
Three legitimate offensive firepowers in one team seem to be too much for any team, even the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers may have felt the impact.
The trio of Harden, Durant and Irving has the potential to be the strongest trio slash super team in the history of the NBA.
If you look at them on papers, they are indeed scary but a big question still remains is will they be able to perform well as a team?
The three superstars have a history of being moody, attitude problems and more. One good example is the disappearance of Irving from the team without even the knowledge of their head coach Steve Nash.
So hold the horses of calling them the scariest trio. Who knows? Maybe they wouldn’t even get the chance to play together at all.

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