LeBron James just won his fourth NBA championship.
After an injury-prone season in his first year as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, he delivered his promise this year. He was returning the lost glory of the franchise and his damn respect.
But the bigger picture on this is the resurrection of the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) debate.
Will it change the view of the fans on who is the greatest NBA player of all time?
Does his fourth championship overtake Michael Jordan’s legacy?
James is no longer interested in whether who is.
In their post-championship interview, James elaborated on how much he loves Michael Jordan that he wears number 23 because of Jordan. He said that people could do the debate.
Already in his 17th season, criticism never left James’ side. From day one up until this moment, people are still finding ways to put him down and disregard him as one of the greatest ever to set foot in the league
; built differently, the ‘Chosen One’ proved all the critics wrong displayed his greatness once again.
At the age of 35, people said that he is already washed, slow, and all. But James turned all of these into his motivation en route to win another title and his fourth NBA Finals MVP games.
The debate will probably last for generations to come. But the one thing is for sure, LeBron James is one if not the greatest ever to play basketball.
Lebron has Four-times NBA Champion and Final MVP, four-time regular-season MVP, 16-time All-Star, three-time All-Star MVP, five-times first All-Defensive team, 13x first All-NBA team.
Well, those are just some of his achievements, not to mention he is both on the top 10 scorings and assist of all time.
That’s insane, right?
James is also an achiever outside basketball. His impact on the community is just as strong as he is when playing.
So who is the real GOAT? Well, you all can do the debate in the comment section below!

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