Is Stephen Curry making a strong case for MVP?

The Golden State Warriors are currently at a .500 winning percentage at 29 wins and 29 losses, good enough for the ninth spot in the West. But a bright spot, a very bright spot fell upon them, the second coming of Stephen Curry.

Curry, the two-time MVP, is currently putting awe in everyone’s faces with his insane performances in the last 11 games. He scored at least 30 points during that stretch, and at the age of 33, he now holds the longest streak overtaking the late and great Kobe Bryant.

Now is that impressive? Yes, but brace for more.

The Warriors franchise player is setting a historic feat on a nightly basis. He recently passed Wilt Chamberlain to be the leading scorer of Golden State, then the next thing you know, he dropped another 40 pieces and made it 50 if he didn’t miss the free throw.

Those numbers are pretty standard in the league’s current talent, but what separates Curry from the rest is how he is doing it. He already has six games this season with 10-three pointers made or more. To emphasize it, the next with the most number of games with such is his splash brother, Klay Thompson. He has five games overall. Curry has six just this season, 19 times and counting in his career.

Now, if they win more games and made it to the playoffs, Stephen Curry deserves to be in the front of MVP talks. Nonetheless, what he’s doing right now needs full appreciation because that type of talent is unmatched.

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