Another issue is looming around regarding the support to Filipino athletes who will compete in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Eumir Marcial, who recently turned professional in boxer due to the hiatus of the Olympics, aired his concern on social media about the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) support to them.

Marcial is now preparing for the Olympics and has been training in the US. He voiced out that the P43,000 monthly allowance is not enough for them if the government wants them to strive and capture the elusive gold medal in the most prestigious sports competition in the world.

So the question now is, are 43,000 pesos not enough to sustain the athlete’s need in preparation for the Olympics?

We all know that the Olympics is the highest form of competition and only the best athletes are competing for the medals. Hence, it can be equaled that in able for them to play at the highest level, they need the highest level of support as well, right?

You can’t get the highest result in a support system that is not competent enough.

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