Have you heard the war cry antics of Wilder? Have you seen his breathtaking knockdowns? Wilder has that crazy power as a heavyweight champ and to think he is still undefeated – he is like a beast or hulk in real life!
Where do Wilder’s power comes from? I heard about his fiancé who has a Filipino blood. During Wilder’s last fights she is the only one with him all along. Does Wilder power relies to her Filipino wife? Maybe because he loves her too much.
Deontay is known for dangerous knockouts. Believe it or not, you will be killed all of the sudden!
In his rematch VS Ortiz, many believe that Ortiz already set a plan to bring down Wilder. Others say that there will be a trilogy. But one way or another, Wilder is seemingly prepared for whatever schemes.
Try to watch the brutal one-shot knock outs of Wilder. I remember legendary heavyweight champs in him like Muhammed Ali, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes, Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier, Evander Holyfield and others.
Of course let’s not forget the knock out power of Manny Pacquiao who is also Wilder’s inspiration. Watch his statements after Thurman knock down and you can see his admiration of Pacquiao’s footwork!
In my personal opinion, WIlder is the strongest heavyweight in history given the fact that he is undefeated with deadly knock outs!
I believe that his very young age of 34, he will grow stronger all the more and thanks to his Filipino fiancé who might be influencing him to fight relentlessly like Pacquiao and other legendary boxers in history!
He is really a beast or hulk in real life! Only a girl can tame him!

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