People, especially Filipinos will search for the next Manny Pacquiao when the time the people’s champ finally settled away from fighting professionally. It could be just one fight away. Who knows, right?

Well, who could be the best to follow his footsteps than his own son in which he shares the same blood?

Jimuel Pacquiao who has found his passion in the sport of boxing seemed putting up the work with his dad. On an Instagram video uploaded by Manny, he shared Jimuel’s work ethic. The younger Pacquiao had fought several bouts with fellow amateur boxers in which he won.

While he clearly has the name, will he be going professionally soon? Will Manny Pacquiao who fight through boxing due to poverty allow his son, who’s living a luxurious life in the present, to engage in the dangerous combat sport?

What is your opinion, Kabayan? Can Jimuel Pacquiao be like his dad? Comment down below!

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