Years ago, Jinkee Pacquiao wanted to stop his husband, Manny, from boxing but the living legend continued fighting and is planning to fight once more.

Therefore, instead of stopping, Jinkee joined Pacquiao in boxing.

The wife shared a video on Instagram with Manny putting up the pads while Jinkee put the gloves.

In it she said, “Manny Pacquiao, best trainer in the world and the best fighter in the world.

Will Jinkee also fight? I fear not, the purpose was for the exercise since boxing is a good way to exercise the whole body.

And with the support coming from his wife, will the eight-division champion finally be choosing his next opponent?

In an earlier post, Pacquiao also uploaded a video of himself hitting the bags to stay ready, however, who will he fight next is still unclear.

Who should he fight next?

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