Last Month, Senator Koko Pimentel III greeted an agreement with national transmission Corporation ( NGCP), Department of Information and Communications Technology and the National grid Corporation of the Philippines that is allowing the usage of dark fiber that is in the transition grid.

The unused portion in the transmission grid is what we call the dark fiber. Senator Koko said that it is a step closer in fulfillment to the promise of providing free internet in the country.

In his interview, he mentioned that the internet is opening lines of communication between businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers.

This news had spread throughout and had a positive impact on the citizens. Particularly those who are working from home. In a large group of freelancers in the Philippines, internet connection is always discussed and how crappy the services we have in the country. Hearing that senator Koko Pimentel pushes the agreement and making sure the process goes smoothly gives hope to have a better, faster and reliable connection.

Internet connection is now a need rather than a want. For home-based workers, the internet is the fuel for their work. Clients wouldn’t hire you if you have a WIFI connection. Even DSL users are required a certain amount of speed to be considered for the role.

Thanks to Senate Koko Pimentel for working hard in helping to improve a better internet connection that would bridge Filipinos for a better opportunity


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