The Los Angeles Lakers are exploring the possibilities of getting center Andre Drummond from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Drummond, a former All-Star will be an obvious strong addition to the defending NBA champion as well as a great replacement for Anthony Davis who is will sit out for a month due to an injury.

The Lakers had struggles since Davis was sidelined, hence, the team was aggressively looking for someone to fill the gap Davis left.

Rumors are growing that the Lakers has high hopes of acquiring Drummond through buyout.

Because of the existing contract of the big men to Cleveland, teams interested are waiting for a buyout so they can offer their own for Drummond as well to lessen the expenses.

If the Lakers get Drummond they will have a better stand come postseason where Davis is expected to return. The addition could also equal the Brooklyn Nets who continues to build their roster after they signed Blake Griffin.

They now have four All-Stars in their starting five including two MVP.

With regard to Drummond, Lakers has to move quickly and made a decisive offer as Drummond has a lot of suitor around the league. Although, Drummond will greatly consider the Lakers who has a better chance of making a deep playoff run .

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