LeBron James breaking record despite being injured

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James continues to put his name in record books after record books, this is despite he is not playing basketball.

James remains sidelined due to an high ankle sprain, however, his name once again resurface around the internet because of his rookie trading card.

The four-time MVP’s “ultra-rare” NBA trading card was sold for an insane amount of 5.2 million US dollars.

The card was from James’ 2003 rookie season with the Cleveland Cavaliers and it was a record high.

Why would such card cost that much? Well, it is because it’s “ultra rare” and it is LeBron James.

The face of the NBA, a four-time MVP, 17 time All-Star, four-time NBA champion, and a four-time Finals MVP to say the least.

Earlier of this April, several cards were also sold for a high price, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady’s rookie card cost for 2.25 million dollars while the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s rookie card was bought for 1.975 million dollars.

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