LeBron James is pretty much old at 36, but the way he’s playing is like in the prime. He has defied his father’s prime but not in the business aspect.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar announced that he is looking to own an NBA franchise.

“My goal is to own an NBA franchise,” James said after their game against Minnesota Timberwolves.

James brought this question after he became the part-owner of the baseball team Boston Red Sox.

“I’ve always said that my goal was to own a team, own an NBA team,” James said. “I’ve got so much to give to the game. I know what it takes to win at this level. I know talent. I also know how to run a business as well, and so that is my goal,” James said.

James is dead serious about owning, and he has proven that he is also elite in the business aspect. Combining his knowledge in sports and managing teams can be a powerful tool once he decided to hand the shoes for good.

But the question remains, “when?’

Currently, James is on the quest for his fifth NBA title and a back-to-back championship for the Lakers.

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