Western Conference All-Star captain LeBron James was furious about Devin Booker’s snubbed for the upcoming All-Star game in Atlanta.

“Devin Booker is the most disrespected player in our league!!! Simple as that,” James wrote on Twitter.

He then followed with another tweet saying, “Followed by Dame Dolla.”

This was ignited after Booker, who made the All-Star last season and is performing like an All-Star this season, did not cut the All-Star reserves released by the NBA.

Also, earlier, Lillard was not part of the All-Star starter after putting MVP performances.

James, though did not mention who should have been cut in the list.

Paul George and Zion Williamson can be argued over Booker.

James felt that the league and the fans are not giving the proper respect to Booker’s name despite being a possible rival in the postseason, especially Lillard.

However, it was also ironic for James to voice out where in the first place he was against holding the All-Star this year.

Booker may still make it to James’ dynamic partner Anthony Davis to miss the ASG due to his injury.

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